Jeff Wedding has been making motion pictures in earnest for over fifteen years, with TENNESSEE GOTHIC being his third feature at the directing helm. His two previous feature efforts, BLIND and A MEASURE OF THE SIN, were distributed nationally with the latter garnering much praise as well as numerous awards on the film festival circuit. In addition to his feature work, Jeff has directed several short films, including the multi award-winning GRACIE: THE DIARY OF A COMA PATIENT, which was featured by Kodak as a Super-8 Success Story, and called "an Accomplished Piece of Filmmaking" by director John Landis. He has served as director of photography on several projects, the most recent being filmmaker Louis Edward Doerge's magnetic, feature-length Horror/Crime opus, NIGHT OF THE BABYSITTER. Soon after, he helped form EN MEDIA RES with Louis and producer, Hannah Genevieve, and began filming TENNESSEE GOTHIC. 

Shorts & Trailers